Monday, September 15, 2003

Live Prayers from Makkah

Assalamu Alaikum,

Here are some links that may interest you:

Live prayers from Makkah/Madinah

  • Saudi T.V Live Broad Cast

  • Recorded Maghrib Salaah from Madinah

  • Wassalam.

    Sunday, September 07, 2003

    Allah, the Maker

    Assalamu Alaikum,

    I just want to share with everyone this real cute poem I came across...


    Everything that we see around us,
    Allah made it for us.
    Allah made the sky and the land,
    Allah made the sea and the sand.

    Allah made the plants and the trees,
    Allah made the birds and the bees.

    Allah made the hills and the rivers,
    Allah made the beautiful flowers.

    Allah made the sun to give us heat and light,
    Allah made the moon to brighten the sky at night.

    Allah made the twinkling stars,
    Allah made us as we are